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Kidizen second-hand children's clothes

Kidizen discount code for second-hand children’s clothes

Looking for second-hand children’s clothes from the brands like Patagonia, Jamie Kay or The Simple Folk? There is a great website and service available to sell and buy used children’s clothes called Kidizen. SAVE THIS! And here is a Kidizen discount code for you: with our code nmf7u you receive $5 discount from your first purchase.

How does Kidizen work:

  • Create an account, remember to enter the Kidzone DISCOUNT CODE / REFERRAL CODE nmf7u to save $5 when creating an account!
  • Use the search to look for your favourite brands or go to navigation – brands – search brands.
  • Click a product you like, make an offer and wait for an answer or buy it immediately!
  • There are many new products with tags there too so not just used kids’ clothes.

My favourite brands at Kidizen: The Simple Folk, Jamie Kay, Patagonia.

Read more about why Patagonia is so great: Patagonia clothing – best outdoor clothing

Read more about our favourite children’s clothing brand The Simple Folk: The Simple Folk – the best organic children’s clothing


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