5 Reasons to use natural sea sponges

5 Reasons to use natural sea sponges

Natural sea sponges have been used for centuries. They vary in sizes and appearance as all sponges are unique. Sea sponges are harvested from the sea and can be used for cleaning. Sponges are a great alternative for traditional tampons, read more here Natural menstrual sea sponge.

Natural sea sponge is better for the nature

Sea sponges are harvested from the sea and don’t require large factories or the use of different chemicals when being prepared for further use. So there is no chance of nasty chemicals leaking to the sea or the soil. Natural sea sponge lasts a long time too and exfoliate the skin too so it saves you from buying an exfoliator.

Non-toxic and hypoallergic

Sea sponges are hypoallergenic and do not irritate the skin or provoke allergies. Natural sponges don’t contain nasty chemicals such as chlorine, synthetic fragrances or fibers that are often added when making synthetic sponges. There are aboslutely no harmful substances in natural sponges.

Spongean makes premium quality natural sponges for the body and for the women (period sponges).

natural sea sponge content

Naturally antibacterial

All the above already sounds good, right? But wait, there is more! Sea sponges are naturally antibacterial so they inhibit the growth of bacteria too. Nature is truly amazing. Often people consider a modern option such as a synthetic sponge being the “clean option” when actually it is quite the opposite.

Synthetic sponges can have really nasty chemicals in them that irritate the skin or are simply too tough for our delicate skin. They are not naturally antibacterial so all kind of harmful bacteria can grow fast on a synthetic sponge.

Good for your skin

You can use a natural sea sponge for every part of your body as they are completely safe to use. They are super soft and gentle for your skin. And since there is a 100% natural alternative to synthetic foam sponge why not use it! Natural products are the true “premium” in our opinion – our bodies are too precious to be covered with nasty chemicals.

Sea sponge acts as an exfoliator

Did you know sea sponges have been used as a form of exfoliation for centuries? There are so many great products from the past that we have dumped after being introduced with synthetic options. Such a shame as nature has so much to give us.

You can easily use your dried sea sponge to exfoliate your skin gently and water the sponge again when washing the body. So it is a 2-in-1 product as well! A dry sponge removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

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