Natural menstrual sea sponge

Natural menstrual sea sponge and tampon

After using a natural sea sponge tampon I am never going back and here comes the why. Sea sponge for period is such a great ancient invention, and it works! If you are looking for a sea sponge to wash your body with, have a look at this article of ours instead Benefits of using natural sea sponges.

Natural menstrual sea sponge for period vs. conventional tampon

We have been made to believe that staying clean and fresh requires something man-made such as a menstrual pad or a tampon. But there is a better alternative to tampon. Traditional or commercial tampons and pads are widely used and widely accepted whereas only few know there is a far better and more natural option available out there – natural sponges harvested from the ocean. Yep, you read it right, sponges coming straight from the bottom of the sea. Women have used natural sea sponges for centuries! It is not only a more ecological option but healthier for you as well as conventional products may contain nasty chemicals.

Where to buy 100% natural period sponges?

We always buy 100% natural sea sponges from Spongean (natural sponges for washing the body and face too, not just menstrual sponges). Spongean sells menstrual sea sponges in a cute box. The box consists of four different sizes – the biggest one being for the heavier days and the smallest for the days when you barely need a sponge at all. 4 pack period sponge set

How to know what is the best natural sea sponge for period?

When you have made the decision to give a natural alternative to a tampon a go, make sure to purchase a sponge specifically made for period use. These sponges are silky and soft. Always look for 100% natural sponge that are harvested from areas that have fresh and pure water. Look for a undyed sponge as others may have gone through unnecessary chemical processes.

I recommend you to buy at least two different sizes as larger sponge is often needed in the beginning of the period and a smaller one towards the end of the period.

Natural menstrual sponge and tampon products

Natural sponges grow in the ocean and are naturally antibacterial. Just as a side note – commercial products are not antibacterial which also means they can develop odours and are of course always single use products. Mentrual sponges are also kind of mess-free as the blood stays within. If you think about it, why on earth would you sit on something moist (like a pad) for hours? Or why use a tampon inside your body that can be covered with chemicals which may affect your whole system?

Why choose a natural alternative to traditional tampon?

I am never going back to traditional options. Here are 10 reasons why natural sea sponges are better…

  • comfortable as the sponges feel silky
  • easy to use
  • antibacterial ( and odourless)
  • ecological
  • reusable
  • very absorbant
  • adaptable based on flow (can be trimmed)
  • chemical-free
  • affordable
  • may increase one’s comnection to her own body

Natural period sponges are easy to use

There are great Youtube videos on how to use a natural tampon if you are unsure about it! Please make sure to purchase a 100% natural sea sponge that is specifically made for menstrual use as they are softer and feel like fine silk.

How to use a natural period sponge tampon?

Inspect the sea sponge before every use and make sure there are no tiny parts about to come off. Trim the sponge with scissors if needed.

Wash the natural sponge under running water. Squeeze off extra water and place the sponge inside as far up as possible. Don’t worry, it won’t and cannot get lost!

How to remove a period sponge?

When the sponge is starting to feel a bit heavier, remove it with clean hands. I have never seen a point in using a string but I know some prefer to attach a string in the sponge to be able to pull it out easier. Holding a piece of paper underneath you when removing the sponge is a good idea.

Clean the sponge between uses with running water. Some like to gently boil the sponge between cycles, however boiling it may shorten its’ lifespan. Better option to clean your natural period sponge is to use vinegar and baking soda (the combo that works with pretty much everything from laundry to removing grease from the oven).

Dangers of sea sponge tampons

Natural sponge is safe to use when the sponge is well looked after. Cleaning your hands before and after touching the period sponge is essential. The same way as it is with a conventional tampon. So hygiene plays a big role here.

Another thing to remember is to always check the sponge after use to make sure there are no tiny bits coming off.

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